Wednesday, November 24, 2004

So don't let the mosquitos bite!! Posted by Hello

I'm going to be sleeping... Posted by Hello

The Earth is shaking... Posted by Hello

The Fan is spinning ........... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Pune University.Pune,India. Branched Doorway into another world. Posted by Hello

The cave temple of Dambula,Sri Lanka . Posted by Hello

Nothing like a relaxing message to soothe your senses.EH?  Posted by Hello

I didn't get the photo right but the that tree is just so beautiful. Raw bark it the composition was right I would have made one lovely picture. Posted by Hello

Serenity Posted by Hello

Reflections of reflections... Posted by Hello

I feel like a shower. Mountain waterfall. Posted by Hello

Green Fields. Rice Paddies. Posted by Hello

Water of life. Posted by Hello

Artwork by my sister .. Nice isn't it. Top view of Madusa's new hair colour. Posted by Hello

One-way track eh? I'm on this one way track got to get out on the next station Posted by Hello

Green Creepy Crawly I found in my bathroom.  Posted by Hello